1 Service Productions Plus Offers That No Other Staffing Agency Does

In our efforts to continually expand the services we offer to our clients, and support the continued growth of our talent, our team at Productions Plus has developed a new training program, which we are excited to share with you.


P+ has designed a full day of STARS Training, dedicated to helping our talent have more successful and meaningful retail demonstrations for our brand partners.


STARS stands for Sales Training for Achieving Retail Success! 


Our on-staff team of trainers created intensive modules tailored to the needs of demo programs, including Customer Engagement and Sales Training taught by P+. We also offer the opportunity for our brand partners to hold brand-specific training on the same day.


Plans are in the works for STARS Trainings in NYC, LA, San Fran, and Chicago.


Our first training day brought together almost 100 demonstrators and 5 of our best brand partners. Here’s what some attendees had to say:


Client Feedback:


“I thought the day was really well organized, thoughtfully planned, and well attended. Both of the guys who presented were really engaging, had a lot of energy, and the content was great. I think the most valuable piece was the brand breakout sessions in the afternoon. It was really productive to be able to speak with everyone, share plans for the year, and answer any questions they may have.” – Coravin


“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the initial STARS session.  It was outstanding, and I hope these become a regular occurrence.” - Nespresso


“We NEED to do this again. Fun group, they were very engaging and we loved that they all participated in the conversation. Thanks for the opportunity!!.” - KitchenAid


Talent Feedback:


“The 2 trainers are very personable & have wonderful humorous high energy personalities!! Perfect for their job!! The seminar reinforced connecting with customers on a human level, getting to know their needs and really listening & individualizing your approach as opposed to just spouting out information.”  – Karen C. – Demonstrator for Nespresso


“I felt it was so helpful and I learned a lot of tips to bring to my demo for GreenPan. It’s so nice that Productions Plus provides us with such wonderful training tools.” – Jillian L. – Demonstrator for GreenPan


“I now have a much larger range of stories and product knowledge to pull from when I speak to people, so I think that will make me a lot more confident at my demos.” – Amy W. – Demonstrator for Coravin


“I wanted to thank you for organizing this event and inviting us to attend! Everything was so impressively thought of and put together!! I really enjoyed seeing the presentation by the lecturers in the first session. They worked so well as a team!  My career in Productions-Plus has given me a great amount of invaluable knowledge.” – Georgi G. – Demonstrator for Nespresso


“Thank you for a most excellent day of Stars training in Brooklyn. Matt and Ken created a wonderful excitement with their presentation! I know I will be more successful as a demonstrator this season of 2017.” – Greta W. - Coravin


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30600 Telegraph Road
Suite 2156
Bingham Farms, Michigan 48025
United States

30600 Telegraph Road
Suite 2156
Bingham Farms, Michigan 48025
United States

June 14, 2017

By Productions Plus