Data: The Secret to a Killer Presentation

Engage audiences and become a better event speaker

We’ve seen a lot of articles lately touting the secrets of a killer, knock-their-socks-off presentation. These articles contain some great tips, of course — but we can’t help but wonder: If you are a presenter, how do you know if you have given a “killer presentation?”

● Your mom tells you.
● Your subordinates tell you.
● You are carried aloft on the scores of teeming fans that rush the platform to shower you with accolades.

In all seriousness, without data, we only have qualitative measures. We need access to data for a true quantitative analysis of a presentation. Data is THE hottest topic around marketing, communications, and business these days because of it's transformative power. So why shouldn’t you apply data collection and analysis to presentations as well?

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Dallas, Texas 75235
United States

Dallas, Texas 75235
United States

November 3, 2015

By David Haas