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EventTech 2016's Five Big Themes and the Single Question That Blew Everyone's Minds

The must know takeaways and talking points from this year's EventTech conference by Event Marketer.... Read full article

Snapchat's Perfectly Executed Pop-Ups and Why "Spectacles" Won in a Way Google Glass Couldn't

Snapchat's foray into the hardware space with "Spectacles" is proving buzz-worthy and harkens back to a time when screens didn't get between us and life.... Read full article

From Big Trends to Deep Dives, Here’s What Cramer Presented at EventTech 2016.

Across the three-day conference, EventTech 2016 showcased the latest technologies, newest trends, top best practices, and biggest case studies. Our team was proud to join the conference creators, Event Marketer magazine, and take the stage for two...... Read full article

How Pokémon Took Over The World, Again

Pokémon Go became an overnight viral sensation, with more daily active users than Tinder. What magic did Nintendo discover?... Read full article

The Top Three B2B Marketing Challenges and How You Can Overcome Them

B2B marketing has changed dramatically in the last 12 months. Now, marketers are turning to brand experiences for a greater return on their investment.... Read full article

What Does the Future of Augmented Reality Look Like? Read full article

Cramer Forms New Activations Unit; Announces Key Leadership Hire

Tim Owens will work to take Cramer’s growing activations portfolio to the next level by leading a team focused solely on this rapidly-expanding field within marketing.... Read full article

Building Blocks: Brent Turner, Senior Vice President of Solutions, Cramer Talks Marketing Tech

Building Blocks: Brent Turner, Senior Vice President of Solutions, Cramer Talks Marketing Tech with a Q&A.... Read full article

How Real-time Projection Mapping is Now Ready to Revolutionize Corporate Events

There is an emerging technology that is going to change the way that speakers, audiences, and stages all engage with one another.... Read full article

Cramer Gets Hands-on With Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens is finally here. Development kits have shipped and Cramer is one of the first agencies to test out the groundbreaking new AR tech.... Read full article