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REPORT: Future-Proofing the Sports Fan Experience

This new experiential research uncovers what today's younger fans are already seeking and what sponsors and teams will need to provide more of to stay competitive. ... Read full article

New Research: Experiential EQ

GMR Marketing’s latest research has uncovered an entirely new framework for understanding human emotion in the experiential space—and a deeper, better way for brands to create connections that last. ... Read full article

The Fourth Annual Edition of the Mega-popular Event Technology Landscape has Been Released by Cramer

by PR Newswire

A popular, simple guide for exploring the hardware, software, and services for event planning, venue and space management, general sessions, breakouts, activations, audience engagement, and more.... Read full article

How a Donation Led to the Ultimate Moonwalk

As a kid, did you ever want to walk on the moon? Maybe you still dream of going into space one day. Thanks to a donation, a lucky group of second graders at St. Albert the Great School in Kettering, Ohio step foot on the moon every time they walk...... Read full article

2017 Meeting and Event Trends

Simple Steps to ‘Amp-Up’ Your Next Meeting or Event... Read full article

2 Crucial Considerations: How to Understand What Goes on in the Boardroom

It’s a question that has plagued event marketers for decades: what happens behind the scenes in the companies you work with to pitch your product or service?... Read full article

Creating a Seamless Global Experience

In order to provide flawless service to the participants, the registration website was customized for the global audience. Among the notable attributes were language translation and information checkpoints to ensure global entry requirements were...... Read full article

The Art of the Human Spirit

The Art of the Human Spirit and Innovation come alive with this eclectic and artsy medley of events.... Read full article

An All-Pro Event

This exclusive event at Dallas Cowboys Stadium created the “Game Changers” for our client during a product renaissance.... Read full article

A Supersized Meeting

Having a skilled event partner was critical for successfully managing over 8,000 attendees at our client's Global Leadership Conference.... Read full article