Articles in Millennial Marketing and Backdrops/Banners/Signs

REPORT: Future-Proofing the Sports Fan Experience

This new experiential research uncovers what today's younger fans are already seeking and what sponsors and teams will need to provide more of to stay competitive. ... Read full article

New Research: Experiential EQ

GMR Marketing’s latest research has uncovered an entirely new framework for understanding human emotion in the experiential space—and a deeper, better way for brands to create connections that last. ... Read full article

2 Crucial Considerations: How to Understand What Goes on in the Boardroom

It’s a question that has plagued event marketers for decades: what happens behind the scenes in the companies you work with to pitch your product or service?... Read full article

Krapper Wrapper News Feb 14th, 2016...Politicians on Krapper Wrapper

We heard you would like to see politicians on our krapper wrapper. Make America Great Again! In Williamson County, TN only 24% vote. We hope with this new krapper wrapper will encourage more people to go vote.... Read full article

Krapper Wrapper News Feb 7th, 2016

Eyeballs! Please tell us what you would like to show or what message you would like to state in 3 Dimensions to educate the public on your krapper wrapper.... Read full article

Krapper Wrapper News Jan 31st, 2016...2016 College Football National Championship

This week's edition highlights Missed Impressions at the 2016 College Football National Championship... Read full article

Krapper Wrapper News Jan 24th, 2016

Because the Krapper Wrapper is so durable we were able to transfer it after our last porta-john use at the market to the porta-john at our local middle school football / soccer / baseball fields for year round exposure.... Read full article

Testimonial: It's a Wrap No. 1 in Krapper Wrappers

We utilize porta-johns at several of our events. Normally they are an eyesore that we had placed in the back of the event out of the way. But by using the It's a Wrap Krapper Wrapper that was custom made for us, we were able to place the...... Read full article

Krapper Wrapper News Jan 17th, 2016

It’s a Wrap’s Krapper Wrapper is simple 3-Dimensional advertising. Theft-deterrent... Read full article

Krapper Wrapper News Jan 10th 2016

Missed Impressions! Building high end homes in high end neighborhoods, who wants an eyesore like a port o potty?... Read full article