Articles in Mobile Marketing (Wireless) and Point of Purchase (POP)/Point of Sale (POS) Displays

Thinking Big with Print Graphics

Large-scale events need to be vibrant and exciting, and there’s no better way to create buzz than a large-scale branding that commands the space around it.... Read full article

Specialty and One-Off Graphics for Arts & Entertainment

Here are some tips for creating specialty and one-off print graphics:... Read full article

Fluke T6 Tester - Point of Purchase Display

by ImagiCorps

Fluke relied once again on ImagiCorps to design and build a point of purchase display to showcase their new product. This test device measures both AC current and AC voltage in a wire without making contact or requiring a clamp around the wire.... Read full article

Lincoln Center Treats Employees to a Meditation Pod, Desk Plants, and a Feng Shui Expert

Motivation Mobile and Lincoln Center created a welcome celebration for Lincoln Center’s employees to enjoy the new addition to their main offices, a new space dubbed “Lincoln Center South.”... Read full article

So you want to put your data in the cloud?

Every time you look up from your smartphone these days, someone is pointing to the cloud as the technology solution of choice. It seems to matter very little what problem you’re trying to solve. The cloud is the answer. But is “cloud” just another...... Read full article

Evolution of Shopbox: Why we went with "Just Remove the Lid"

Shopbox Retail has created a portable all in one POS-in-a-box. With the intention that as soon as you take off the lid you are ready to start selling. "It’s like a string of Christmas lights; you plug it in and everything just works."... Read full article

Sparks are Flying at SME!

Sparks are flying as we are hard at work here at SME! Lots of great "one-of-a-kind" projects in the works that will be hitting the road soon!... Read full article

Let SME Bring Your 3D Concept Design to Life!

The SME Graphic Design Team can bring your project to life with 3D Concepts!... Read full article

SME - Your One Stop Shop for all Design & Graphics!

Stand out from the crowd when you work with SME's expert team offering Design and Graphics Capabilities.... Read full article

SME Offers Best In Class Graphics Solutions!

Stand out from the crowd when you work with SME's expert team offering Design and Graphics Capabilities. We will brainstorm with you and your team to create a winning combination from concept to delivery.... Read full article