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Thinking Big with Print Graphics

Large-scale events need to be vibrant and exciting, and there’s no better way to create buzz than a large-scale branding that commands the space around it.... Read full article

Specialty and One-Off Graphics for Arts & Entertainment

Here are some tips for creating specialty and one-off print graphics:... Read full article

Microsoft at Best Buy Holiday Leadership Meeting

by ImagiCorps

ImagiCorps was pleased to partner with the Microsoft Evangelism team to design, produce and activate at this year’s Best Buy Holiday Leadership Meeting in Phoenix Arizona. ... Read full article

Lovepop Window Display

by ImagiCorps

Microsoft and Lovepop collaborated with ImagiCorps to bring a larger than life interpretation of the popular Lovepop greeting cards to life in Microsoft stores across the continental US. ... Read full article

Asian Americans: Culturally Diverse and Expanding Their Footprint

Nielsen has released a new report “Asian Americans: Culturally Diverse...... Read full article

Interesting Special Appearances

Experiential Marketing is all about the experience. The face to face interaction is invaluable. Whether is communicating a message or building awareness.... Read full article

Internal Branding to Drive Employee Engagement

Happy employees, happy life. Employee satisfaction plays a key role in the success of any business. By showing appreciation and rewarding employees, it encourages better performance, in return, higher profits. Here are some tips to curating an...... Read full article

Activation Ideas

Brand Activation is the art of driving consumers through brand interaction and experiences. ... Read full article

Crafting the Customer Experience

A "one-size fits all" approach to customer experience is no longer viable. We are constantly being challneged to come up with creative ways to engage the consumers.... Read full article

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Looking to target Asian American women in the beauty category? Tips you should know...... Read full article