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From the Mouths of Participants: 6 Ways to Improve Meetings & Events

Participant Interviews: Find Out What Your Meeting and Event Participants Really Want.... Read full article

Why You Should Hire Event Staff to Help Build Your Brand

Without strong field staff, it doesn’t matter how much planning and budget goes into your marketing campaigns. What does matter is making sure you have a highly skilled team in place to help your brand succeed.... Read full article

The Key to Successful Brand Experience (That Many Brands Are Missing)

To keep up with today's ever-changing consumers and what matters to them, marketing has to evolve. Learn how brand experience, when done well, can work for your organization and build deeper connections with audiences.... Read full article

Discover Top Innovative Meeting Ideas

We’ve put together a list of 20 innovative event ideas gathered from — you guessed it — the most innovative meetings and events. ... Read full article

Creating the Ultimate Experience

Real-life examples will help you apply our proprietary i|xperience framework and get the business results you want from your meetings and events.... Read full article

The (Corporate Events) Revolution has Begun

It’s started…traditional lines have blurred, and expectations have changed. The attention span of corporate event and meeting attendees has dropped and engagement leading to action is more critical than ever.... Read full article

How to Optimize Engagement with Your Staffing Agency Partner

With customers becoming more aware of what they expect from their favorite brands, all the more reason to find the right professionals to help you win them over at your next event. ... Read full article

Nine Experiential Predictions for 2019

Some thoughts on things that will impact the experiential marketing scene in 2019... Read full article

Planning Events Is Just Like Cooking

by Andrew Cohn

Planning events and cooking have more in common than you would think. Here are the five similarities we've found between event planning and cooking.... Read full article

Playing with Fyre: Lessons for Event Planners from the Fyre Festival Debacle

by Tracey Goodfriend

Don't get burned planning your next event. Here's what every event planner can learn from the Fyre Festival debacle.... Read full article