The Top 5 Reasons to Rent Furniture for Your Next Event

Create beautiful events with ease with the endless options of the CORT Endless Collection.

Your company is working on a huge program for an important event client and you need furnishings for conference lounges, education areas and the meeting itself. Furnishings compliment the overall design, reinforce the theme, and communicate your brand message, so they must be included in the overall event. You’ve got a decent budget, and it needs to cover a lot of areas, from food and beverage to décor. How do you maximize your event dollars and should you purchase furniture for one time use, or is it better to source from a reputable rental company?

Many special event planners and their companies are faced with this scenario regularly. Rental companies such as CORT guarantee convenience, quality, and service, but is it worth the cost and does renting provide enough value? CORT reveals the top 5 reasons to rent furniture for your next event.

1.No Upfront Costs
Why stress over locating, sourcing and purchasing furniture when someone else has done it for you? CORT’s dedicated team sources on-trend rental furnishings and is the leader in products developed for the rigorous demands of an event or conference. Our abundant national warehouse locations allow for on time delivery to your event location with the style and quantity you need. The days of wasting time, money and energy shopping for your event furniture are over.

2.No Storage Costs
Once you’ve purchased furniture for your own inventory, you have to find a place to store it.Renting/buying warehouse space is a very expensive undertaking and a big capital expense. Plus the labor and logistics of managing and tracking furniture is an ongoing headache and drain on company resources.

3.NoTransportation Costs
Transportation including delivery and pick up service is no longer your problem!CORT employs professional uniformed team members who ensure your furniture makes it to your destination in prime condition. Trained to efficiently service your event and respond to last minute needs our team delivers the wow factor. Rest assured that transportation and labor coordination and costs are eliminated when renting with CORT.


CORT offers over 40 years of experience in providing excellent customer service. Let us help you create the perfect special event.

4.No Maintenance Costs
No need to worry about storage, maintenance, and repair of furniture.If you aren’t completely satisfied with the furniture received, we’ll gladly replace it. Our quality assurance department repairs and restores pieces to showroom condition.Our specially trained operations staff works tirelessly to ensure the furniture that arrives on site looks like just it does in the catalog.

5.Peace of Mind
Enjoy endless furniture options and customization with the industry’s largest rental furniture selection. Focus on the big picture knowing CORT is handling the details. Our talented account executives will provide design assistance helping you space plan in 2D and 3D to create a unique special event, conference or meeting all free of charge.

Bonus: Furniture rentals count as operating expenses vs. capital investment - meaning they are fully tax deductible! Investing in furniture acquisition is an expensive and time consuming venture. Why bother with it if there is an alternative that helps you maximize your bottom line?

From versatile bars, tables, lighting and accessories to modern lounge furniture, CORT Event Furnishings can help make your next event a huge success. As the industry leader in rental furnishings for catering and events, we have over 40 years of experience providing a perfect customer experience.

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Erinn Jones is the Marketing Manager for CORT Trade Show and Event Furnishings. She is responsible for national marketing efforts across all channels. Erinn resides in Las Vegas, NV.

3455 W. Sunset Road
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3455 W. Sunset Road
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United States

April 29, 2016

By Darcia Dudman-Taylor