All Aces Promotional Staffing Inc


All Aces Promotional Staffing has been making a name for itself as a reliable go-to event staffing agency since 2007. We are more than just an award-winning boutique staffing agency; in many ways, All Aces is a family of reliable people dedicated to working together to create successful events across the USA and Canada, and now Europe. We don’t compete with marketing companies; we work with them to enhance their programs! CLIENT BENEFITS We allow our clients to focus on creating effective campaigns while giving them the peace of mind that our staff is fully versed in the ins-and-outs of their program. We are all seasoned employees of the experiential marketing industry and know details can change at the drop of a hat. We are unwavering in our commitment to be available around the clock to address any questions or concerns from clients and brand ambassadors alike. We are prompt with communication, provide staff decks prior to your events, train staff, and are extremely organized and detail-oriented throughout. We emphasize the importance of verbal staff follow-ups in addition to email, ensuring brand ambassadors have all the tools they need to succeed, and we are able to foresee any possible difficulties and solve them before they arise. Complimentary on-site back-ups when booking at least 5 brand ambassadors helps eliminate staff issues when unexpected emergencies arise. Our winning formula combined with our comprehensive insurance policies and staff transition into W2 employees lets you confidently book staff knowing all bases are covered! STAFF RELATIONSHIPS Most agencies are working with the same staff; what makes us stand apart is the relationship we have with our staff. Our passion for our programs is contagious, and our brand ambassadors do a great job because they know the significance of their role to a program’s success. They enjoy working for us thanks to our communication skills, organizational efforts, timely payment and the knowledge that bringing the right attitude to the job can make it seem less like work and more like fun for everyone involved. We communicate with our staff through social media, posting contests, answering questions, and creating conversation with our team to solidify our relationship with them year round. All Aces has been recognized as “Best of Staffing” 4 years in a row, solidifying us as a preferred company that brand ambassadors seek to work for. SERVICES All Aces offers a wide variety of staffing and management solutions, including but not limited to: • logistics planning and coordination • tour staff • street teams • promotional products and branded attire • convention and trade show staff • greeters and registration staff • product samplings and demonstrations • on-and off-premise promotions • servers and bartenders • drivers • production assistants • publicity stunts • costumed characters • high-end events • door hanger programs • entertainers • We are members of the National Cannabis Industry Association and support the growth and legalization of the industry. We are happy to assist with these events and campaigns. Our success is not measured just by how our clients react to the quality of our work, but by the rapport we strive to build with each consumer, and by the personal satisfaction each brand ambassador walks away with after a job well done. All Aces stands on its own as the go-to source for all of your staffing needs - when a task is at hand, we live up to our name. We are all winners, all stars, All Aces. Don’t gamble with your staff!


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