ABOUT ALLIANCE TECH: Alliance Tech is an event technology solutions provider focused on business intelligence for tradeshows, conferences and events. Alliance Tech is a leader in RF technology and specializes in visual data and analytics. Since 2002, Alliance Tech has been providing event technology and measurement solutions to the event marketing industry, including many Fortune 1,000 companies, agencies and B2B organizations. Alliance Tech has extensive experience in successfully delivering event solutions for check-in and badging, attendance tracking, in-booth measurement, attendee surveys, lead management, registration and mobile event guides. OUR SOLUTIONS: CHECK-IN & BADGING A downloadable app, that is easily configurable with an Alliance Tech provided event code. Self-service solution allows attendees to easily check in using smartphones, tablets, or printed confirmation emails. Supports multiple badge types, so event organizers can utilize paper or PVC badges that incorporate NFC, RFID, QR codes or barcodes. Event organizers can immediately access real-time reports to review attendee check-in data as it occurs. ATTENDANCE TRACKING Mats with RF Technology - Record session attendance unobtrusively and easily with RF technology mats placed at session entrances. Event managers have access to real time data, therefore, understanding session attendance across the event at all times. Easy to incorporate and provides great value. Tap-N-Gorr Attendees manually tap their badges to a device and register their attendance. Access control can also be incorporated so that attendees are granted session access based on enrollment or attendee type. This solution reads RFID and QR code badges and has the ability to function with or without Internet. Tap-N-Go stations are very flexible and can be placed anywhere without the need for proctors. Handheld Alliance Tech's self-service attendance tracking solution uses iPad minis for easy badge scanning. Simply download the app, enter the Alliance Tech provided event code and begin scanning at the door of your sessions! No more time consuming spreadsheets and manual data entry for you or your staff. Continuing Education Unit (CEU) tracking Easily track session attendance and obtain continuing education certificates.r Event managers will receive electronic versions of the attendance data, allowing the issue of CEU credit certificates in a timely manner. LEAD MANAGEMENT Event to event measurement with one consistent lead solution. Customizable lead qualificaton survey with branching logic. Integration with CRM and marketing automation toolsr Send e-literature in real timer Does not require internet connectivity. Supports most tradeshow badges.


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