Build Customer Trust with Privacy for the People

About is designed for organizations that don't have dedicated offices to meet data privacy regulations but want to satisfy regulatory demands while enhancing the customer experience to build loyalty and trust. Built by BigID, a pioneer in privacy technology, offers marketers and non-professional privacy project managers a simplified way to deliver their customer's compliance and privacy preference choices while automating critical activities like data rights, consent, and cookie management.


Key Features include:



  • Customize a branded, central privacy portal for your customers: with privacy and preferences management built-in

  • Automate updates and notifications to put your customer's privacy first

  • Create a delightful customer experience - and bring privacy to the people

  • Fully secured and automated with built-in identity verification, reporting, and analysis



  • Easily submit requests to view, edit and delete your data

  • Manage preferences and update your profile painlessly and intuitively

  • Validate identity using photo ID – including drivers license, state ID, or passport

  • Quickly check request status and get full transparency of your data rights. brings data trust and transparency to your customers with easy, intuitive, and proactive privacy management. Learn more about or Sign up for free and get started in minutes.


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