Britten, Inc.


For over 30 years, Britten has been helping some of the world’s largest brands visually connect with their audience through high-quality printing and custom fabrication. Products and services may include large-format print, point-of-purchase displays, tents, building wraps, hardware, Foam3D™ sculptures, BoxPop® shipping containers, décor, and installation. Britten operates under one roof and handles the entire ordering process from initial consultation to the final installation.


2322 Cass Road
Traverse City, Michigan 49684
United States


  • Brands: BannerSaver, WindBoss, Ovio, BannerStretch, Infinity, Thinfinity, BannerDrop, BannerBar, FrameClip, AdPanel, BriteWall, BoxPop, Foam3D, SiteScrim.


New 3D CNC Foam Technology Changes the Game in Event Marketing

New 3D CNC Foam Technology Changes the Game in Event Marketing

in Advertising Agencies, Digital & Social Media Agencies, Event/Experiential Agencies, Fairs/Festivals, Promotion Marketing Agencies

Britten's recent investment in Foam3D™ has given current and prospective clients a new way to advertise. Foam CNC carving technology allows you to turn a drawing or photo into a foam replica of any size or detail.