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BIG IDEAS. ON TIME. ON BUDGET. EXPERIENCE Since 1993 we've worked hard to provide industry leading quality, service and value with every project. We're family owned and operated and will work hard to ensure a long-term relationship with you. Our team is with you every step of the way...from the idea stage, to the build, and of course once on the road. Custom fabrication means we can build's our job to work with you to determine what is the best solution for you. Our guidance and project management will ensure your project is very successful. Big Ideas. On Time. On Budget. INNOVATION What's new? A a ever changing industry it's important for us to continue to come up with what's next. A few examples are our new Drop Trailer that combines the best of a container and a trailer, our new leasable Custom Structure is the only one of it's kind, our Bolt-In system allows for fast and easy set up and tear down for quick strike street teams, our Demountable container and pod system makes using them much easier, please see more innovation throughout this book. LEASING We're continuously finding ways to do more with less. Leasing is one of the best ways...especially when the program is less than 1 year. We've recently added our new Drop Trailer (DT20) and semi-custom structures to our current list of step vans, bumper pull trailers, 53' trailers, gooseneck trailers, containers, pods, BizBox trailers, and mini pods. We have many leasing options available and our inventory changes by the week. Please contact us to see what's currently available. Often the best solution for you is one you’re not aware of. We’re here to help provide options! HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT OPTION Let’s face it, budget is still very important to all clients. With so many options out there it can be difficult to make a decision. Sometimes the vehicle or environment “fits the brand image” and sometimes the amount of stops or time for set up will help narrow down possibilities. We’ll provide three options for every program. This allows creative and the account teams to work through the possibilities to determine what is the absolute best solution for them. Often times we recommend a something that already has a lot of what they’re looking for built in. It can save the client ten’s of thousands on the build allowing for a longer tour or they can spend more on the experience.


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