Group Delphi


Our ideas can bring yours to life. Bigger than life, actually. Our roots are in theatrical production, after all. As one of the leading experience creation shops in the industry, we create magical experiences on a global scale that resonate with people in meaningful ways. And we make passionate, emotional connections that keep them talking about you long afterwards.

Our eclectic, wildly-talented team carefully crafts moments of wonder, awe, and connection that get people talking about your trade show exhibit, retail pop up, or brand promotion. To get you there, we started here:

• We are an eccentric mix of experienced veterans and savvy artisans, wood workers, scenic designers, robot inventors, videographers, sculptors, filmmakers, model makers, photographers, song writers, metal workers, project managers and technologists.

• We hire the best talent in 2D and 3D designers, 4K video rock-stars and digital wizards.

• We are continually investing in the latest tools and technology because bringing them in-house eliminates confusing vendor layers.

• We strive to do what we say for the amount we agreed to. No sneaky change orders. No last minute surprises. Our goal: estimate once and stick to it. Our clients are global and national Fortune 1000 companies like Medtronic, Eaton, Pixar, Jelly Belly, Symantec and VMware. Top talent, a “roll up our sleeves know how,” hands-on collaboration from day one, and a firm estimate will all work to flawlessly integrate the many moving parts of your experience into a compelling, dramatic, clever, engaging showstopper.


950 West Tower Avenue
Alameda, California 94501
United States