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The structure behind the world’s best exhibits. Need a high performance structure for your next experience, activation or exhibit creation? Highmark’s got it for rent or purchase, indoors or outdoors, single or multi-level, open or enclosed. You design it, dress it and fill it. We’ll supply the structure to support it all. For over twenty years, Highmark has been America’s trusted supplier of advanced modular exhibit systems. Known for design versatility, weight and installation efficiencies, and ease-of-use, Highmark’s proprietary aluminum products represent two categories: 1) ExpoDecks – elegant multilevel modular deck architecture that makes a dramatic statement in form and function whether your exhibit footprint is large or small, and 2) ExpoWalls – highly modular frame systems that can be straight or curved and skinned with surfaces such as fabric, lighted fabric, and opaque or acrylic hard panel. ExpoDecks and ExpoWalls work seamlessly with one another and with other systems and custom frames. Each comes with an array of add-ons--lights, shelves, monitor brackets, railing, ceilings, beam extenders, cross bracing, pocket doors, French doors,curtain walls etc.. With the cost and time efficiencies of modular systems technology, and the design freedom and flexibility of custom construction, these innovative products equip event and exhibit designers with structural building blocks to create the world’s best exhibits. Highmark is not an agency, designer or exhibit design/build company and does not market its productsdirectly to the end user exhibitor. What does this mean? Consider these analogies: The Intel processor inside an Apple laptop MacBook Pro. Intel does not sell its chip directly to the consumer, the Intel processor is just one piece of a larger package sold by Apple. The consumer might be aware that an Intel chip is inside, but for the most part he or she is focused on the function and design of the complete laptop made by Apple. A Carl Zeiss lens inside a Sony Camera or a Cummins diesel motor inside a Dodge truck are similar analogies. Likewise, Highmark’s ExpoWalls and ExpoDecks are high performance components inside the exhibits designed by the industry’s most talented designers and producers. Highmark manufactures and assembles its complete line in its Indiana plant, strategically located in the Midwest to extend logistic and economic advantages to customers, saving them time and money when shipping throughout the U.S.A. Highmark products are available for purchase or rent, have a lifetime warranty and meet or exceed all industry standard codes. For more, visit highmarktech.com. EXPANDABLE, RECONFIGURABLE, STACKABLE, RELIABLE High performance structural solutions for indoor and outdoor exhibits


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