HMT Associates, Inc.


Founded in 2002, HMT is a shopper-focused brand activation agency that creates memorable experiences wherever consumers encounter brands. HMT has worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands including Oreo, Ritz, Kraft Cheese, Oscar Mayer, Jeep and Coca-Cola to activate experientially, digitally, at retail and beyond. Our strategic and comprehensive approach considers the entire consumer-to-shopper journey, delivering campaigns that are not only nationally applicable, but also regionally and locally ownable at the retail level for total brand activation. Leveraging our proprietary shopper marketing hub, staffed by a team of shopper-focused brand activation experts, we're able to connect brands, retailers, and consumers, resulting in award-winning brand activations that drive proven business results. We understand what it takes to deepen a brand’s emotional connection with a shopper. That's why we’ve developed something we like to call brandgagement. From the very first move in the brand activation game, our players start with unique data-driven insights to create memorable brand interactions that win over the hearts and minds of consumers. We take sampling events like dunking Oreo Cookies into milk and transform them into experiences like no other. Our award-winning influencer programs get millennials baking with Baker’s Chocolate. And our insights-based partnership programs like Johnsonville Sausage and Ritz Crackers, produce on-trend snacking solutions, delivering best-in-class incremental category sales results (+20%). Always focused on making lasting impressions, our experiential team creates deeper brand connections with consumers at events like the NCAA Final Four sponsorship, to concert tours as recent as Lady Antebellum, and even global events like a private soccer clinic with Neymar in Paris. We play to win. And we love what we do.


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