LiveIntent is one of the world’s largest people-based marketing platforms, connecting 2,500 publishing and advertising brands with over 200MM verified people every month across all types of media. LiveIntent's offerings fall into three categories: Publisher Solutions, Advertiser Solutions, and Identity Solutions.


Publisher Solutions: Having built a full advertising technology platform specifically for the email newsletter, LiveIntent is able to improve ad ops workflows and unlock an entirely new revenue stream for Publishers. By placing LiveTags, a snippet of lightweight HTML code, in their email newsletter templates, Publishers can manage all of their email inventory through a single platform that dynamically targets, serves, and optimizes at the moment of each email open. Publishers can also enable advertisers to bid on any unfilled impressions within their newsletters through most major DSPs including MediaMath, the TradeDesk, and the LiveIntent DSP.


Advertiser Solutions: LiveIntent also works directly with Advertisers to help them acquire and retain new customers within our platform, one of the largest logged-in media channels outside of Google and Facebook. For Advertisers, email newsletters are a truly differentiated channel, and are a perfect addition to any well-rounded media plan focused on either performance or branding. Advertisers can leverage a variety of audience targeting strategies, including Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Dynamic Website and App Audiences, as well as Native and Custom Display creatives for campaigns optimized to any goal, including email sign-ups, form fills, product purchases, or even app downloads.


Identity Solutions: LiveIntent Authenticated Bridge harnesses the power of email to bridge identity across the greater programmatic ecosystem by securely connecting the logged-in email readers of Publishers and Advertisers to their website and app audiences. It then makes that first-party data actionable with any technology partner they choose in the form of an encrypted, irreversible nonID. Authenticated Bridge solves the challenges around identifying web users, targeting custom audiences, and measuring outcomes outside of walled gardens and without the use of third-party cookies.


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