Ncompass International


We Create WOW Moments That Inspire Connections Between People and Brands. WHO WE ARE We are a diverse team. Built on respect. And zero assholes. Our employees are family. One big, genetically different family full of talented people. Never forgetting to have a little fun along the way. Never sacrificing the value of people for the work they produce. WHAT WE DO You may be a bit fuzzy on the details, but you always remember the moment you were swept off your feet. It’s the warehouse full of gaming. It’s the personal shout out from your hero. It’s the front of the line. We bring brands to life in a way that sticks with people. They didn’t just see it, they lived it. HOW WE DO IT We make meaningful introductions to lifelong friendships. Every friendship begins with an introduction. We introduce people to brands in ways they’ll remember as their own, but have to share with others. FOR WHOM Brands and people. Real Connections. Nothing bonds people like shared experience. We create those experiences that become the basis of new connections.


United States