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When Pro Motion was founded in 1995, we had one mission: to be the BEST experiential marketing agency (not the biggest). In fact, we only work with 10 companies at a time in order to ensure consistent, expectation-shattering quality in our programs. So, every client feels like they are our only client. It’s difficult to highlight all of the reasons why industry giants like Disney, CNN, Duck Tape®, HP, and so many others, have confidence in Pro Motion. They say they are comfortable with us. They like us…and ultimately, it comes down to trust. We take pride in the fact that we’ve never lost a client to another agency. Yeah, we’re that good! Contact us today to get your discovery meeting scheduled!

You have options when picking an experiential marketing agency to work with. Here is why Pro Motion stands out!

Check out the snapshot of our Pro Award winning campaign with KaBOOM! and Target!

Pro Motion is a leading B2B Experiential Marketing Agency in Event Marketing, Vehicle Integrations & Street Teams to promote your brand & products with experiences.

Engage your consumers where they live, work, play, and shop.

Sampling programs are a great way to get your product in the hands of your consumers.


St Louis, Missouri 63005
United States


  • - B2B Roadshows/Events
  • - Events and Pop Up Shops
  • - Mobile Vehicle Tours
  • - Sampling/Street Teams
  • - Event Talent
  • - Social Amplification
  • - Creative, Original, and
  • Branded Content
  • - Strategy/Consulting
  • - Measurable ROI


The Benefits of Practical Creativity

The Benefits of Practical Creativity

Do you ever find yourself looking at lists like these and thinking, “my brand will never have the budget or technology to compete with those stunts”?  You do have the budget, learn more about practical creativity and experiential marketing.