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The first thing you see when you walk into the Spitfire office is a large piece of art that says "GET SHIT DONE." I think that beautifully sums up our perceptive on our work. Get it done, whatever it takes, make it right. But our office is about so much more than work, it really is a family. I know, a lot of people say that but we really are. We are made up of sisters, a married couple, and childhood friends. Spitfire would be nothing without the amazing people who work tirelessly to make these campaigns and events happen. Which is why we have had numerous in office massage days (especially after a big campaign) and took our entire executive team on a trip to Puerto Rico after completion of a successful program. These are small ways we give thanks to those who have done so much for Spitfire. But we can not talk about culture at Spitfire without mentioning we are Women owned agency. Not only are we women owned but our executive team is 90% female. Diversity is a constant topic of conversation at out office. When we are hiring teams, diversity is always at the forefront. Our teams are always pushing for inclusion of race, gender, and LGBTQIA. When we represent a brand we want our staff to look like a true representation of America.

Small but Mighty. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what makes Spitfire different from our fellow agencies. All of our executives and account supervisors have years of field experience under their belts before they took on their current roles. We have all been tour managers, field marketing managers, brand ambassadors, product specialists, we have worked on national campaigns to local liquor demos. This variety of combined field experience gives us a unique perspective and a sharp eye that benefits our clients. We know what works! We know the difference between a good idea on paper and an idea that is going to deliver real results. Our size also allows us to be more nimble and hands on. The same account executive who brainstormed the creative for the campaign, is the same executive who will hire the staff that will make it come to life and they are the same executive who will be on site making sure it all runs smoothly. We go above and beyond for our clients, and always believe in doing the right thing. This more intimate and personal experience we give our clients is the reason emerging brands are some of our favorite to work with. We love being the first experience a brand has with an agency as they build their product recognition into a household name.

Spitfire Event Marketing is a women owned agency that specializes in all aspects of consumer marketing and is committed to broadening our clients brand awareness and visibility. We have the capabilities and experience to produce any size campaign. Our marketing team works with the newest technologies to offer interactive, engaging and thrilling street teams, customized mobile tours, retail activations, social media engagement, and much more. Our goal at Spitfire is to share brands’ products and messages directly with the consumer by producing exciting, innovative and unforgettable campaigns and event experiences.

BODYARMOR Sampling Campaign

2017-2019 Nissan Live

In home product review content production


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