SPN Sampling


SPN Philosophy

We've helped create the marketplace and understand every single element that goes into creating a successful sampling campaign. Sample promotions in conjunction with grassroots and sports events are the most effective way to reach your target consumers. ROI highlights that the product experience of receiving a sample at an enjoyable event increases potential conversion to brand loyalty, drives viral word-of-mouth, and creates corporate goodwill.


Sampling Programs

SPN's expertise includes hand-to-hand product distribution and goody bag sampling targeting the following audiences: Endurance Athletes, Recreational Athletes, Health and Fitness, Women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, Youth, Generation X, Millennials and Seniors. Looking for ideas for sampling programs? See our list of great events and popular sampling venues.


Agency Services

Our agency's services include: event research, product sampling, creative and graphic design of visual display materials, trucking and storage logistics, social media integration, and event follow-up. We have a unique combination of creativity, know-how and understanding of how to reach your consumer. See our client list for collaborating brands.


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